VIETTI x and wander

29 September 2022

VIETTI x and wander

70th Anniversary collaboration backpack

To celebrate VIETTI’s 70th anniversary, we continue to release exclusive collaborative projects with brands that share our values. As well as looking back over our history, we look to the future, identifying those who are on the same path as us to provide what our community will need as the world develops and fashion changes. And wander represents to us a new way of thinking, bringing together performance and style to provide an evolved customer with pieces that provide both. Our community has always valued nature and understood the beauty of the land in the territory where VIETTI was founded on the banks of Lake Maggiore, and around the world. And wander and their strong supporters appreciate this more than anyone; as well as the need for technical clothing that supports you to enjoy the world to the fullest.

For this collaboration, we decided to work together to create an exclusive colourway of and wander’s iconic rucksack. The bag was designed in Japan with features that make its use more practical. A diagonal zip allows access to the full bag when opened, and sectioned pouches and pockets are perfect for organising your items with quick and easy access to the items you need the most. The strong ripstop fabric is both water resistant and lightweight, giving you peace of mind in any weather conditions. The logo subtly doubles as a reflective marker for visibility in low light situations, and abundant yet discreet straps and loops allow the attachment of anything you need with you on your journey.

In selecting the colours of our collaborative piece, we looked for inspiration from what VIETTI and and wander hold dear in the territory around Lake Maggiore and the region. For the body of the backpack, we wanted to capture the rock of the mountains that majestically surround Lake Maggiore, forming the backdrop for everything that happens on the lake. Accenting the bag, we wanted to represent the water of Lake Maggiore with the azure hue of the body of water that cuts through the Northern Italian land; the substance that gives life to everything in the region. To complete the triad of colours in the rucksack, details are in a striking purple, a colour which we were inspired by the Azalea flowers that grow in the world-famous gardens of our homeland’s noble landmarks. The vividness that punctuates the vistas of Lake Maggiore highlights and wander’s backpack’s practicality and innovation.

Whether you are planning to hike a mountain or just want to take the performance of this piece with you into the city, you’ll always be supported by this exclusive piece. The backpack will be a piece you use again and again in the future, providing the same functionality and future-proof usability for years. The techwear sensibilities of the piece will work well with the style or can effortlessly lend a dash of modernity to any look. We are proud to share with you a product that symbolises the future of VIETTI, our admiration of and wander’s work and our excitement for what we will achieve together in the future.


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