VIETTI x Marni

04 November 2022

VIETTI x Marni

70th Anniversary collaboration mohair cardigan

Launching this month’s 70th anniversary celebration is a collaboration with the house Marni whom we have experienced the monumental success of in the last few years, under the creative direction of Francesco Risso, who has brought new life to the storied brand. The artistic flair and fun attitude adopted by the house have inspired a generation of diverse fashion lovers and launched a roster of iconic new pieces with nostalgic sentiments but fresh energy.

For VIETTI’s collaboration with Marni, we decided that we must approach one of Marni’s most popular products, but also one full of reference and feeling, the mohair cardigan. The knitted piece takes from the spirit of home knitting and craft but imbues it with the rebellion of punk, the acid colour choices and fuzzy vintage texture lending themselves to Y2K, bohemian and Hip-Hop aesthetics all at once. There are not many pieces of clothing that mean so much to so many people. It is this value that we hold dear at VIETTI, and we wanted to contribute to that cultural keystone with our own exclusive iteration.

The Marni cardigan Risso introduced to the house for the FW21 collection, the one that became an overnight hit, was made in Rasta Mohair, a special 1-ply yarn with a twist. The special yarn was used for two seasons to meet the demand for the iconic sweaters and cardigans; however, the brand decided to change the yarn for the following seasons. As a tribute to the original design, we requested to continue using this yarn exclusively for the VIETTI collaboration. The soft fuzziness of the mohair from the Angora Goats also holds a sentimental value to us, often used to keep warm in the winter months on the slopes of the Northern Italian Alps.

It is the vibrant colour that attracted attention to Marni’s knitwear, one of the house codes that has continued across the brand’s history. The combinations mirror nostalgic images of iconic outfits from pop culture history, style heroes that Francesco Risso holds dear. For our collaboration, we decided to look to our environment and history on Lake Maggiore’s banks as it looks in its beauty in Winter. Colour swatches are taken from the turquoise water of the lake; the green of nature and the evergreen foliage on the lake’s banks, frosted over on a winter’s morning; and the crisp icy grey of the marble and stone in the mountains that surround the territory and form the background for its numerous wonderful vistas. The colours also come together to make a combination that reminds us of treasured garments keeping us warm on a cold winter’s day; that memory from childhood, and great days we remember from the past, bringing sentiment on two levels.

Bringing together the craft and creativity we strive to offer to VIETTI’s community; we are proud to announce this collaboration. As a reminder of our beautiful surroundings and sweet moments during our 70 years of history, this cardigan marks a momentous point in our history and looks forward to an exciting future, providing for our customers and supporting creative talent from around the world, as well as closer to home in Italy.


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