For 70 years Vietti has been a landmark for the Luxury Fashion Retail market with four stores in Italy.

AddressCorso Repubblica, 38
ZIP Code28041
Phone+39 0322 243226

Born in 1993, the shop perfectly reflects the history of VIETTI, a story characterized by change, innovation, evolution.
There are two restylings that have allowed the store to become what it is now: it has gone from a classic design to a more futuristic one, from a selection of first-line brands to a more sophisticated brand mix, from shop to concept store.

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The second boutique in Arona was inaugurated in 1993. Designed by Giorgio Ostini, the main material is wood, which recalls a familiar and welcoming environment.
The wood then leaves room to the meeting of glass and metal in its 2009 restyling by Arch. Colusso. But it’s in 2019 that the store reveals its true nature: contemporary, eclectic, experimental. Neon, steel and light effects are the foundations on which the concept store stands.
This new vision is also reflected in the refined and accurate choice of brands, but above all in the desire to create a laboratory rather than a shop, where you can develop events, installations and popups.