For 70 years Vietti has been a landmark for the Luxury Fashion Retail market with four stores in Italy.

AddressCorso Repubblica, 46
ZIP Code28041
Phone+39 0322 248629

The boutique is opened at the dawn of the new millennium and it’s characterized by the generational shift from Maria and Vittorio to Enrica and Gabriele Vietti.
It’s the beginning of a journey that project Vietti’s brand in the Luxury fashion’s universe starting to offer a precious selection of products and goodies from the top brands.

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The new millennium sees the birth of the third boutique of Arona. We are in 2001 and the mark Vietti sees the generational passage from Maria and Vittorio to Enrica and Gabriele Vietti.
The boutique characterizes its offer with an ample selection of products total look both female and masculine. In 2005 the proposal of products changes setting the focus on you articulate in skin and footwears of brand of point as Prada, Gucci, Splits and Venetian Shop.
The search and the innovation bring to an important transformation of the boutique in the 2011. Also through the visual restyling the mark Vietti is projected in the universe of the fashion Luxury beginning to propose products and articles of the top-brands.