For 70 years Vietti has been a landmark for the Luxury Fashion Retail market with four stores in Italy.

AddressPiazza Cavour, 4/5
ZIP Code28845
Phone+39 0324 481733

The opening of the boutique in Domodossola marks a crucial point in the company’s route: the creation of a Luxury fashion’s pole characterized by a unique interior design never seen before.
The project will be followed by Baciocchi, international acclaimed and appreciated. His skill and unique artistic vision merged with the company philosophy will give birth to one-of-a- kind place capable to strike in the hearts of all the costumers from Verbania’s zone and not only.

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The opening of the boutique of Domodossola marks a fundamental point in the run of the firm: to the dawn of the 2011 Vietti it is by now synonymous of attire Luxury thanks above all to the success of the boutiques of Arona.
The offer characterized by a brand-mix unprecedented united to an experience of unique sale of kind it allows to conquer the hearts and the trust of the clients of the province of Verbania and near Switzerland.
This success ago from spring board of throwing for an innovative and ambitious project: under the direction of Baciocchi, appreciated and recognized to international level, it begins the restyling of the boutique that will bring the same one to become a pole of the fashion Luxury from the inside design only and unprecedented. The project will come completed to beginning 2017 and it will represent an important and stimulating chapter in the run of growth of the firm.