Christian Dior

“Without foundations, there can be no fashion.”

"Without foundations, there can be no fashion", because it is built on the twin bases of quality and style, which, in the case of the Parisian fashion house, are unique and unmistakable and have, for almost a century, captured women and men the world over.

"Call it Magic"

VIETTI Store Opening Party 15.9.2017 @ Domodossola - ITALY

Whether the event was created with actual magic or just with the sort of style we haven’t seen in years, the opening of the new Vietti store in Domodossola made a lasting impression that will likely echo in the hearts of Italian lovers of fashion for some time: playfulness and avant-garde combine to create a new way of experiencing fashion that is ready to delight and intrigue.

“Lost in the Quarry”

VIETTI Fall/Winter17.18 Editorial

In early September, Vietti staged an amazing photo and video shoot in one of the quarries in the Ossola Valley, near Domodossola. This special location was chosen for the launch of the fall/winter 2017 collection due to its significance in expressing the company’s desire to highlight its deep bond with the local area, featuring places in traditional parts of the country. This is twinned with a new vision of the fashion concept which, for Vietti, does not simply correspond to fashion itself, but also includes all other forms of artistic expression, with which it merges: from design to music, via photography, video and new technologies, the company creates forms of communication capable of fully conveying its mission within the world of haute couture.

Thousand ways to wear a foulard

The “foulard”, a timeless accessory, has been the main character of the event which has seen Salvatore Ferragamo as its organizer.

David Sarti Lifestyle

the Key element in every outfit: T-Shirt

La semplicità è una componente importante nella costruzione di outfit casual. Una semplice t-shirt nasconde un potenziale espressivo enorme e rappresenta al meglio il legame tra la Moda e la Comunicazione.

David Sarti Lifestyle

New week, new Guest Stylist: David Sarti, a young lifestyler influencer that will tell us more about his project and his unique style.