David Sarti Lifestyle

David Sarti Lifestyle

After Andrea and Raroika we are ready to present the new Guest Stylist!

We are talking about David Sarti, a new influencer lifestyler with a growing following of fans attracted by all of his interesting project and passions.

What really characterized David the most is his passion for the "Made in Italy" mixed with his unique style and taste.

Refinement. The key word that represent the whole French Fashion Universe here in its exception “casual-toujour”. The outfit choice is a must: two brands with a unique balance between style and versatility: Maison Margiela & Lanvin.

We offer you a Maison Margiela’s total look with an hypnotical bomber-jacket that couldn’t leave you unnoticed even in the more casual day usage.

The combo with the Lanvin’s sneaker is a win-win. A versatile as stylish unique piece of footwear.

Time for our Interview with David!

V: Welcome to our blog pages! We are happy to have you as our new Guest Stylist. During the shooting that we made we had the chance to chat and know you better. You really are at the hearth of many important projects. Let’s start from what brings you here: your instagram page! How did it start?

D: It’s my pleasure to be here. My IG page was born as a game. I’ve been always affascinated by two worlds: fashion and photography. So i create a way to mix the both. IG is the best choice so i jump on this new project. I’m still developing it but it will be focused on the Lifestyle infused with a soft “Made in Italy” touch.

V: In the last years IG had a huge explosion: feed, boomerangs and stories are key concept in the lives of many. Particularly in the fashion world in coincidence with the biggest events there’s always a huge “boom” of live streaming , regrams and so on. In your opinion we already have seen iG’s full potential or there’s the room for any new ways to use it especially those close to the Fashion Universe?

D: I think that in Italy IG has to be full discovered yet. IG projected the whole fashion world in a new era, forcing everyone to create new form of communication. What will make the difference will be the innovation and the empathy that the brands will use to reach their fans.

V: The influencers’ world is in continuous evolution. What are the shortcuts to success?

D: The secret is simple: telling your own story. To becoming a successful influencer we have to reach the heart of your fans. I am not the best in giving advice. I am new in this world too. What my experience thaugh me is to be always myself. Sincerity and Authenticity are the best tool to create an organic and real following of fans.

V: We all have been influenced by somebody in our journey. Even today’s influencer have been influenced by unique characters with a proper given style. Who did influence you the most?

D: Chiara Ferragni e Mariano di Vaio made a job out of a concept. I’ve been always influenced by my family: my grannies, uncles, my mother, my best friends and event the manager i’ve been work for. They are a source of inspiration every single day.

V: The true definition of influencer is “somebody that express himself in many different way”. You told me about your passion for acting. I think it’s a great tool achieve a better self expression, with more depth and realism. Tell us your experience in this field.

D: I’m absolutely enthusiast! It’s an experience that i can’t get tired of saying “guys, do it!”. Acting is so useful in many fields: work, affections, family. I have to thank my teacher Andrea Brancone for the opportunity he gave me. An amazing guy working hard for many theather, film, and television productions.

He choose me for a Tv program on Real Time aired on March the 21st. Thank to Andrea i’m learning the “stanislavskji” method that is all about the inner discovery and the relationship between the actor and the role.

The first part of the interview ends here.

We thank David for the chance and we invite you all to follow him on his instagram page.

In the next part of the editorial we will talk about what make us proud in the world: the Made in Italy.

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