“Lost in the Quarry”

VIETTI Fall/Winter17.18 Editorial

“Lost in the Quarry”
In early September, Vietti staged an amazing photo and video shoot in one of the quarries in the Ossola Valley, near Domodossola. This special location was chosen for the launch of the fall/winter 2017 collection due to its significance in expressing the company’s desire to highlight its deep bond with the local area, featuring places in traditional parts of the country. This is twinned with a new vision of the fashion concept which, for Vietti, does not simply correspond to fashion itself, but also includes all other forms of artistic expression, with which it merges: from design to music, via photography, video and new technologies, the company creates forms of communication capable of fully conveying its mission within the world of haute couture.

Tradition, history, art, culture, creativity and innovation go hand in hand to breathe life into a new insight into the beautiful, the stylish and the new trends, both in the previous launch of the fall/winter 2016 collections, and in the current season, through the event evocatively entitled “Lost in the Quarry”. Over the course of a whole day, a 15-strong team collaborated on the fall/winter 2017 shoot; the video, filmed by Gianluca Grandinetti, and the images created by photographer Virginia Di Mauro have immortalised, in a truly striking setting, an amazing fashion show focusing on the industry’s most prestigious brands, including Valentino, Dior, Gucci, Prada, Balmain, Burberry and many other names of international renown.

From casual to urban, from garments to footwear and the finest accessories, Vietti presents this season’s exclusive new features amidst a lunar landscape. Silhouetted against the grey granite walls, the models, as if in an amphitheatre, look disoriented and at the same time dreamy. Hence the title of the shoot, taken against a backdrop that has proven to be the ideal set for presenting styles of clothing that are diverse, yet which are all capable of highlighting the modernity of a unique vision of fashion that is deeply rooted in our times: the fashion of Vietti.